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The International Forum “SLEEP” is the main annual event of the Russian Sleep Society.

The International Forum “SLEEP” is an independent platform where scientists, experienced doctors and young specialists from different fields of medicine have the opportunity to share their scientific developments and practical recommendations and discuss pressing problems of sleep medicine in a lively discussion.

The International Forum “SLEEP” provides a unique opportunity to study the problems of sleep disorders and various types of pathologies associated with them, both somatic and mental, from an interdisciplinary point of view, based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. The forum program includes many topics in various areas of medicine and biology of sleep and medicine in general.

The forum was held for the first time in 2014 and gathered 164 participants, and in 2023 the number of registered participants was already 1841. Among the participants of the forum were specialists from France, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, Italy, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, from a total of 23 countries.

The program of the forum “SLEEP” covers the widest possible range of issues of scientific research, diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

For three days, various aspects of the development of somnology and sleep medicine in Russia, current problems and prospects for the formation of new technologies and opportunities to increase the profits of public and private healthcare structures with the introduction of new sleep medicine technologies will be discussed at the forum venues.


  • getting new information on various aspects of sleep disorders;
  • assistance in the organization of new sleep laboratories;
  • promotion of high-tech products to the market;
  • establishment of business contacts and exchange of experience, attraction of investments.
  • promotion of professional development and deepening of knowledge of members of the Society, employees of medical institutions, researchers of medical institutions of higher professional education, young professionals;
  • promotion of achievements in the field of sleep medicine among the general medical community and the population;
  • introduction of the latest sleep medicine technologies into practice;
  • assistance in establishing and developing international scientific relations

We are pleased to offer the medical community to plunge into a unique space where only new and confirmed scientific and practical research data will be presented, where you can learn new knowledge, get to know each other and find like-minded people.
The international Sleep forum is a concentrate of solutions for successful practice and personal development with the opportunity to participate in the discussion in person and online.

Join us and you will enjoy the newly acquired knowledge!